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About us
About Direct INFO
Direct INFO Inc. has been on the Russian market since 1996. We have served over 600 well-known multinational and Russian companies with research projects for purposes of marketing, investment, acquisition, benchmarking, etc... What separates us from others on the market is our continuous investment into the systems, resources and people that generate your reports. Our company functions as if we are very personally “Your Information Department”.

Our products mix includes over 30 unique report formats ranging from ad-hoc company reports to multi-million dollar market entry research. We also specialize in customized information and database solutions and continuous update monitoring services that enhance the vision of your own market research department. We have completed research within most markets of the Russian Federation and CIS states. We welcome your enquiry regarding our abilities within your sector.

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“Your Information Department” – That is how we want you to use us. We hope you feel like we are your employees, working for you in transparent and diligent ways, giving you quality, cost effective, actionable reports that suit your specified needs, done to specification with a high service mentality.

Who we are

Business Professionals

We have worked with hundreds of market leaders on diverse issues of business development. When confronted with research barriers such as lack of information or high cost of source data, we often achieve satisfactory results with creative approaches that achieve Client goals.


Corporate mission

Our mission is to shine a spotlight onto the Russian marketplace with research and consulting to our Clients for their stable growth. Our team is committed to achieving this mission by working as “Your Information Department”.


Everyday we share information with various state and private partners. We are always glad to establish mutually beneficial relationships with ethical and progressive contacts such as Clients, market experts, industry associations and journalists.

Scientific approach

Direct INFO prefers the simple scientific approach in market research projects. Our experience with source data and tested methodologies allow us to clearly present business data in a way that communicates knowledge on your market segment and competitive structures.

Human Capital Assets

To deliver the best market and corporate research possible, we rely upon our valued employees. Direct INFO gives a high priority to training and retaining quality staff. Intellectual property continuously being developed over the lifetime of the company enables repetitive tasks to be done by programs so that our staff can have time to add knowledge value to in-depth research.

Technical Optimization

Direct INFO develops and constantly modernizing own software for operative access of Cliens to research products and final results. Maximal automation of business-processes and developing of standard reports allows to our Clients to get products with the best quality-price ratio during shortest time. (Standard reports demanded by market are prepared by Direct INFO's software on automated base).

....but the most important thing that we are believe in huge potential of modern technologies and communications that are making our world better.


Company History


Direct INFO returned to pre-crisis growth rates of business. This was made possible by launching new products and won a tender for the supply of market research to major Russian and international companies


This was the year of Russia's second great financial crisis. In spite of global economy crisis Direct INFO completed more than 300 projects. Total growth of business has exceed 35% annually in a consistent pattern. To commemorate these events, our corporate logo was changed to reflect a friendly and flexible approach that has always defined us to our Clients. Direct INFO is stronger now after learning to thrive through two crises and 14-years of work. We are "Your Information Department" at your service as your employees, accountable to transparent and competitive prices and a high service mentality that keeps you satisfied.


Information portal InfoHive was launched . InfoHive contains the largest privately held data on official statistics in the Russian Federation, cross linked between trade, production and company registration. There are plans to expand this portal to include all financial data.


We entered into the highly competitive and complex markt of IT and telecommunications. Our first projects that were finished in this field are participation in market entry (broadband access and triple-play) business-plan for Central Telegraph and overview of controlled IP VPN market for Transtelecom. By this time we had already delivered many successful researches into heavy machinery, pharmaceuticals, chemicals,FMCG, banking, etc... We did work in about every key economic segment in the Russian Federation except for military, and we have no desire to expand into that segment.


Crisis came to Russia in the form of a massive Rouble devaluation, joblessness, hyperinflation and social unrest. Many multinational companies were closing their doors or reducing investment at this time. Ironically, Direct INFO was well positioned to grow becaue we provided quality reports in a transparent way for less money. We expanded from two people to eight people in a couple of years, and raised the quality of our products by listening to what our Clients wanted to receive.


Former employees of Dun & Bradstreet in St. Petersburg formed a partnership and founded Direct INFO with American capital. Our initial core competence was to generate automatic reports derived mostly from official Russian government statistics showing product movement, production, traders and competition. Our first large Clients were Bayer, Du Pont, Maersk and Nestle.


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